Farewell to Reasons

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“a chair to rest your eyes on,

a table that talks to you,

a barstool that sparks a debate.”

IndustryPlus opens its new showroom with a presentation of a new chapter in the oeuvre of designer and artist KSY (Nathan Yong). In this colorful collection of furniture made from fluid onyx, a designer’s reason is challenged, cold hard stone is being bent, and furniture is viewed beyond our physical realm. Farewell To Reason comprises 7 limited edition designs drawn in the typology of everyday furniture; barstool, bench, chair, table, shelf, low stool, and table object. These pieces, built from precious onyx that has been bent using state-of-the-art technology, push the boundaries of what furniture can mean to us. KSY (Nathan Yong) wishes that “people can see it as furniture beyond our physical realm; a chair to rest your eyes on, a table that talks to you, a barstool that sparks a debate.”

This is industrial designer Nathan Yong’s departure into art, under his artist alter-ego KSY. Abandoning a designer’s reason that is concerned about business and function, he started designing this collection from his thoughts, emotions, and belief system. “This body of work is a departure from all that; all that seemed to “make sense” are now being re-evaluated. A hard stone that used to be impossible to bend is now being manipulated. A furniture that is supposed to function based on one’s needs is now being challenged. The assumption that stones are dull and not colorful is now being thrown…



About MM Galleri

Established in 1992, MM Galleri specializes in supplying a wide range of natural stones, providing solutions to architects, interior designers, furniture craftsmen, developers and home owners in Indonesia, Singapore and overseas. For over 27 years, we have made it our mission to continuously innovate and create new applications of stone in our daily lives be it flooring, kitchen countertops, furniture, a dress, a guitar, or a hat.

Based in Southeast Asia, MM Galleri is the leading stone supplier in the region, with 700,000 m2 of stock in stone at any point in time. As a world-class stone player, we are always updating ourselves when it comes to the latest trends and technologies available in the industry.

Farewell to Reasons by Nathan Yong

Designed by Nathan Yong

Presented by IndustryPlus

Fluid Marble by MM Galleri

Sensory Experience by Neuwave SG

Lighting by Erco Lighting

In Conjunction with ArchiFest & Siarchitects