SHEROes Project – MM Galleri x Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore

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SHEROes are here to save the day!

MM Galleri is proud and honored to announce that MM Galleri will be taking part in the SHEROes Project organized by Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore (BCF) as a part of their 25th anniversary. Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore is a social service agency that advocates for the early detection of breast cancer and support the breast cancer community in Singapore.

The SHEROes project, a fundraising project, is initiated by BCF Singapore and 25 aspiring, strong and successful women who have stepped forwards to raise $5,000 each through their own fundraising campaign. The funds will be donated to BCF’s support programs to help breast cancer patients. The project was announced at the Breast Cancer Cancer opening ceremony presented by President Halimah Yacob g at the heartland precinct of Sin Ming Court. Together with 24 other BCF ambassadors, Miss Hillary Tjioe, Director of MM Galleri Singapore, will be taking part in the SHEROes Project with her and MM Galleri’s fundraising campaign.

For the fundraising campaign, MM Galleri will be creating beautiful and customizable “Step-Up” Table sets from natural off-cut stones. The made-to-order table sets are available on MM Galleri E-commerce for purchase. Each “Step-up” Table set is customizable based on customer choice of table leg color (gold & black) and type of stone for the tabletop. Currently, MM Galleri offers 8 different natural off-cut stones with unique patterns and colors. There will definitely be a stone that is suitable for the aesthetic of the customer’s home. The fundraising campaign started on 20 January 2022 and will end on 25 March 2022.

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About MM Galleri

Established in 1992, MM Galleri specializes in supplying a wide range of natural stones, providing solutions to architects, interior designers, furniture craftsmen, developers and home owners in Indonesia, Singapore and overseas. For over 27 years, we have made it our mission to continuously innovate and create new applications of stone in our daily lives be it flooring, kitchen countertops, furniture, a dress, a guitar, or a hat.

Based in Southeast Asia, MM Galleri is the leading stone supplier in the region, with 700,000 m2 of stock in stone at any point in time. As a world-class stone player, we are always updating ourselves when it comes to the latest trends and technologies available in the industry.

SHEROes Project

Organized by Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore

Collaborated with MM Galleri

Start from 20 January 2022 to 25 March 2022