Singapore Interior Design Showcase – 8th Edition

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The quest for immortalizing the beauty of marble may just end. MM Celleri by Sharikat Stone might have an answer to quell all discussions after patenting the world’s first bended marble’ technology for use in furniture, walls, lighting and even clothing.

Using highly sophisticated machineries and the expertise of veteran craftsmen, marble is thinly sliced to extreme dimensions before being bended to lightly clad surfaces of any shape or form, curved or straight. This greatly encourages the use of marble in versatile situations especially for curved structures like benches, ceilings or bathtubs.

Within the MM Galleri showroom, the art of the groundbreaking technology is on full display as the world’s first furniture collection featuring the revolutionary bended marble technology. In the 400-square-meter cave, the walls have even been cladded over the curves and contours of the chamber to show the extensive ways marble can be used. Refined furniture pieces are also given the special treatment from curved benches, accent tables and high chairs.

This technology is not only restricted to small furniture pieces — depending on size, thin strips can be chiseled from larger slabs of marble to envelope bulkier furniture like reception counters and even bar tables. In addition to the unique technology opening up doors to a luxurious home, the mechanics is known to drastically reduce up to 95% of wastage of marble, while promoting a culture of ecologically-sustainable marble quarrying.