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No one was able to uncover the science behind bending marble until the Indonesian furniture maker MM Galleri met Singapore stone specialist Sharikat Stone to launch the world’s first “bended marble” technology.

Once you step into the showroom of MM Galleri by Sharikat Stone, the fluid design of the interior space gives you a glimpse of what this new technology brings. With marble cladding the curved walls and the undulating design of the ceiling, it is as if one has walked into a natural stone cave.

To further showcase the effectiveness of this technology, marble-cladded furniture pieces with fluid silhouettes and curved structures dot the showroom, including a bar counter, spiral-shaped table, curved magazine stands, benches, and even an oblong-shaped bathtub.

The secret behind the making of this revolutionary material is the need to be precise – sliced too thinly, and the materials break: too thick and it does not bend.

Both MM Galleri and Sharikat Stone have collaborated with artists and fashion designers to create lighting fixtures, art works and even fashion accessories such as hats and clothing, showcasing the versatility of the material.

Not only is it an effective and versatile way to use this natural stone, but the “bended marble” technology has also proven itself to be more resource-effecient as the material can be cladded over surfaces to give an elegant, luxurious finish while minimising wastage.

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