Singapore Interior Design Award 18/19 – Natural Stone Supplier of the Year

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Singapore Interior Design Award (SIDA) is an award event hosted by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS). The ceremony is all about celebrating the contribution of interior designers in Singapore to the industry period. The award also highlights and awards projects and designers that embodied innovation and creativity in their works. SIDA 2018/2019 continued to recognize the most outstanding projects and designers.

Coming into SIDA 2018/2019, MM Galleri received the Recognition Award: Natural Stones Supplier of the Year. Throughout the year, MM Galleri has provided excellent service by supplying natural stones. The company takes pride in having the biggest warehouse stock in Southeast Asia with more than 700,000 sqm of stone in stock. Besides that, MM Galleri is known for supplying unique and high-quality natural stones.

It was an honor for MM Galleri to receive the award. This would be a motivation for MM Galleri to continue to strive for excellence and leading the industry.

Established in 1992, MM Galleri specializes in supplying a wide range of natural stones, providing solutions to architects, interior designers, furniture craftsmen, developers and home owners in Indonesia, Singapore and overseas. For over 27 years, we have made it our mission to continuously innovate and create new applications of stone in our daily lives be it flooring, kitchen countertops, furniture, a dress, a guitar, or a hat.

Based in Southeast Asia, MM Galleri is the leading stone supplier in the region, with 700,000 m2 of stock in stone at any point in time. As a world-class stone player, we are always updating ourselves when it comes to the latest trends and technologies available in the industry.

Singapore Interior Design Award 18/19

Natural Stone Supplier of the Year

Category: SIDS Recognition Awards

Country: Singapore