Singapore Tatler Homes March 2022 – Bossom Buddies

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” An advocate of the early detection of breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) provides support for the community along with subsidies to low-income women for mammogram screenings. BCF marked its 25th anniversary this year with the official opening of its Breast Cancer Centre at Sin Ming Court in January”

“There is also a slew of initiatives to commemorate this milestone, including a 25 SHEROEes fundraising project initiated by 25 inspiring women who hope to raise $5,000 each to fund BCF’s support programs. In celebration of International Women’s Day.”

MM Galleri director, Hillary Tjioe, initiated a fundraising campaign for the SHEROes Project with BCF. For the fundraising campaign, MM Galleri will be creating beautiful and customizable “Step-Up” Table sets from natural off-cut stones. The made-to-order table sets are available on MM Galleri E-commerce for purchase. Each “Step-up” Table set is customizable based on customer choice of table leg color (gold & black) and type of stone for the tabletop. Currently, MM Galleri offers 8 different natural off-cut stones with unique patterns and colors. There will definitely be a stone that is suitable for the aesthetic of the customer’s home. The fundraising campaign started on 20 January 2022 and will end on 25 March 2022.


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