Maison Miaja Journal Artistique – June 2019

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When describing natural stone as a material for design or manufacturing, we could use words such as heavy and rigid – both sound accurate in a traditional sense. However, times have changed and a revolutionary new marble technology by MM Galleri is breaking the mold (literally). The award-winning technique of ‘bended marble’ has taken decades of passion, research and innovation to perfect. MM Galleri is here to bend the rules of design.

Established in 1992, MM Galleri is specialised in supplying a wide range of natural stone, providing innovative ‘bended marble’ solutions to architects, interior designers, furniture craftsman, developers, and home owners in Singapore and across the world. The backstory of how their technology was developed is inspiring because it relates to honouring the beauty of
natural materials within the design.

Back in the nineties, Company Founder Peter Tjioe was working in the high-end furniture industry and was consistently surprised to see that marble with veins was being rejected by manufacturers. His viewpoint was that dismissing the natural beauty of these stones was a terrible waste, and that design trends constantly change. In retrospect, he was right, because today Statuario (white marble with distinct grey and gold veining throughout and a striking, bold pattern) is now one of the most popular stone materials in the world. With this seed of thought firmly planted, he started his quest to overcome some of the challenges associated with manufacturing natural stone.

Forward to 2001, Peter continued to have a fascination with natural stone, and developed the technology to cut stone up to 1mm thick, thus solving the issue of weight. However, slicing it thin made it too fragile, so to give the material a better structure it was blended with other materials such as aluminum or plywood. This meant at this stage of development, it could be used as a laminate for walls and floors.