Marble Trends: The design of bookmatching marble

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Designing with natural stones could be a task of creativity to bring out their beauty of them. One of the effective and common ways to bring out the marble effect is book-matching. Book-matching has been an increasingly popular way to highlight marble details. The unique point selling point of book-matching marble is the natural symmetry and surreal effect that are in demand for contemporary projects. 

What’s book-matching marble?

Book matching is adjoining two pieces or pieces of marble slabs that are mirrored to each other to create an opened book effect. To create that mirror effect, the slabs are professionally cut and numbered from the block. Each slab is polished in an alternated order of sides. The first slab is polished on the front and the second slab is polished on the back and so on. This will create an open book effect in which two slabs are closely symmetrical to each other.

What’s the cost of book-matching marble?

Book-Matching marble could be costly due to the cost of materials and labor. Different marble has different price tags that could range from $100sqf to even more than $1,000sqf with the correspondent of the rarity and quality of the stone. The price also includes potential material wastage for the marble. Secondly, the cost of labor is high as extra attention to details of cutting and polishing to ensure the two slabs are closely symmetrical. 

Despite the high price, the demand for book-matching marble continues to rise. Book-matched marble is the epitome of luxury marble that displays the appreciation of natural beauty and the quality of craftsmanship. In addition, marble is a long-lasting stone which means every design aspect and element of the book-matched marble that you received is forever and will not fade with proper care. Hence, book-matched marble is a classical and luxurious design that will be always sought after.

Where can I place my bookmatch marble?

Bookmatch marble versatility is only limited by the imagination of the interior designer.

Bookmatch marble could be used in:

  • Bathroom Walls
  • Living Room Walls
  • Kitchen Counter
  • Dining Room

Statement Wall for Dining Room

Wall for Bathroom

Bookmatch marble will always be classic and in demand. The beauty of it could only be brought alive with the knowledge of marble and design. Subscribe to MM Galleri Newsletter for more marble tips and keystone design trends.

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