Contemporary Modern Marble Bathroom

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A fully marble bathroom concept only using Nestos Grey 1st and Noir Sahara marbles. A good-looking bathroom is important for an aesthetic of a house. In this concept, we want to elevate the modern design concept of a bathroom to a fully luxurious marble bathroom while maintaining the modern concept.

The contrast of both marbles creates complexity and characteristics. While the vein of Nestos Grey 1 is subtle, it helps the vein of Noir Sahara to stand out. This adds a luxurious natural marble pattern to the bathroom. In addition, the veins of Noir Sahara is not a lot hence, it is nicely fitted into the entire aesthetic of the room.

Project Information:

  • Designed by:

    MM Galleri

  • Materials:

    Nestos Grey 1st, Noir Sahara

  • Theme:


The stones used in this project: