Baiturrahim Great Mosque

MM Galleri, the Stone Specialist, showcases innovative design to the natural beauty of marble using various cutting-edge techniques such as bending marble.

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The largest and second-oldest mosque in Jayapura with an area of ± 2,798.6 sqm. Located in downtown Jayapura, Baiturrahim Mosque is a well-known landmark in Jayapura. Mosques with typical grandeur Islamic ornaments. The Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is a symbol of the religion, culture, spirit, strength, struggle, and nationalism of the Acehnese people. The design of the Grand Mosque was originally done by the Dutch architect Gerrit Bruins and later adapted by L.P Luijks. The project for MM Galleri holds a special significance as the building holds significance in Indonesia’s cultural history.

The exterior of the holy building follows a traditional mosque design with a round roof that had a symbolic pattern, creating an interesting design. One particular design aspect that plays a big role in the building exterior is the inclusion of a lot of windows. The patterned windows are placed in an organized manner that creating a whole pattern that runs around the building. The interior of the mosque is completed furnished with MM Galleri Volacas Classic marble. The white marble with light grey veins created a grand look for the entire mosque while keeping a tranquil ambiance for the visitors.

Project Information:

  • Managed by:

    Administrators of Baiturrahim Great Mosque

  • Quantity/Size:

    ± 2,798.6 sqm

  • Location:

    Gurabesi, North Jayapura, Jayapura City, Papua 99221