Bianco Carrara & Travertine Romano XTR Curved bathroom

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The room is often created and built in a rectangular shape, hence, something different will be cool. While a curve room or bathroom is not something, we believe it will be unique if it is a ‘curved marble’ bathroom to see the new aesthetic and the feasibility of the concept.

Two materials are used in the concept are the grey Bianco Carrara and Travertine Romano Xtr. The contrast of the grey color and veins from Bianco Carrara and the yellow earth tone of Travertine Romano Xtr helps to add character to the bathroom.


Project Information:

  • Designed By:

    MM Galleri

  • Materials:

    Bended Bianco Carrara & Travertine Romano XTR

  • Theme:


The stones used in this project:
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