Calacatta Borghini Bar

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The modern design kitchen often lacks a classy touch making the space often dull and typical. However, adding a contrast of color and material could bring the entire kitchen to another. This urban kitchen modern concept is all about adding a centerpiece which is the kitchen counter bar. Calacattta Borghini marble is used in the rendered kitchen.

The white marble has big veins which really brings out the natural texture to the counter bar. It is also to create a contrast in the dark wooden color of the room. This makes the counter bar the centerpiece of furniture in the entire kitchen which it adds more ‘personality’ to the space, making the area more lavish for you and your guests.

Project Information:

  • Designed by:

    MM Galleri

  • Materials:

    Calacatta Borghini

  • Theme:

    Urban Modern

The stones used in this project: