Farewell to Reason

A chair to rest your eyes on, A table that talks to you, A barstool that sparks a debate.

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Farewell to Reason is the latest collection from designer and artist KSY (Nathan Yong). The collection features 7 unique and colorful pieces of furniture made from Fluid Onyx from MM Galleri. Using MM Galleri’s marble bending technique, the cold hard stone is being bent into the furniture that is viewed beyond our physical realm.

Mr. Nathan Yong is an industrial designer and artist based in Singapore. He runs an industrial design consultancy with clients from the globe and exhibited his work internationally. For the Farewell to Reason collection, he abandoned a designer’s reason that is concerned about business and function, he started designing this collection from his thoughts, emotions, and belief system.

Farewell to Reason launched from 22 Oct – 21 Nov 2021 at Industry+ showroom.

Project Information:

  • Designer:

    KSY (Nathan Yong)

  • Exhibition Name:

    Farewell to Reasons

  • Country:


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