HDB Marble Dining Area

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The concept comes from several inspiring HDB Projects. As the new generation starts to own Public houses, the interior design concepts become more innovative and differentiated that reflects the creativity of the new generations. The white marble dining concept aims to incorporate the luxurious design into HDB at an affordable price. In order to achieve that, we use 8mm, Carrara White Marble, for the statement wall to fit in the white aesthetic. The vein of the marble pop in the white surrounding, creating the luxurious element in the house.

MM Galleri engineered the first 8 mm panel in the market. Our 8 mm panels are extremely lightweight and can guarantee a high performance due to their composite lamination technology. In addition, 8mm marble is cheaper as it is thinner. Therefore, this is a perfect option to upgrade your HDB units to elevate your living space at an affordable price.

Project Information:

  • Designed by:

    MM Galleri

  • Material:

    Carrara White Marble (8mm)

  • Theme:

    Modern Minimalistic HDB

The stones used in this project:
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