JE House

MM Galleri, the Stone Specialist, showcases innovative design to the natural beauty of marble using various cutting-edge techniques such as bending marble.

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JE House is a private residential project located in the premium residential area, Graha Famili. The house is strategically located in the area which allows easy access to Satellite Tollgate as well as the office center, shopping center, entertainment center, hospital, and a national school. 

The ± 443.76 sqm house was designed by Paulus Setyabudi Architect. The design for the house is modern contemporary for both exterior and interior. The house can be recognized easily by its cleverly constructed exterior using geometry shapes. It was also requested that the house have an element of greenery with the purpose of imparting a more tranquil feel and to portray the owner’s love for nature. Compared to other luxurious homes, JE House is not considerably big in size. However, the space management was en point. The interior colour is kept modern with white, grey, and black colour. Hence, the natural stones range for JE House had to match the design vision. The majority of MM Galleri was used for the flooring of this lavish home.

The Statuario Venato marble and Prada White marble were highly regarded by the architects and owners as timeless luxurious materials. The white colour with small veins of Statuario Venato marble created that luxurious feel to the space. Prada White marble has a translucent white color that brought the room to the next level of beauty. 

Besides these two marbles, three other neutral colour stones were used for various parts of the home to give it a modern luxurious aesthetic. All in all, the project received many compliments from pleased customers. MM Galleri was able to supply the correct and high-quality stones to not complete the building of the house but also elevate the house aesthetic and keep it true to the design vision.

Project Information:

  • Quantity/Size:

    ± 443.76 sqm

  • Architect:

    Paulus Setyabudi Architect

  • Location:

    Babatan, Wiyung, Surabaya City, East Java 60228

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