J G Estate

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J G Estate is a private estate located in Surabaya and has a size of ± 405 sqm. The estate followed an Arabic design with notable design elements such as big arches and beautiful patterns and carvings. The tones of the theme were a subtle beige and neutral color.

The magnificent home was furnished with several beautiful stones to accomplish the design. Impala Black Granite, known for its leopard-like pattern, was used for furnishing the staircase, Carport, Hallway 2nd Floor, and Roof Deck. Besides the black marble, the hallway and Arabic Room were furnished with the wooden-like Teak Marble.

Two light-colored onyx were used to complement the theme. Onyx Claudia White had a crystal-like appearance that was amazing to use for the dining table while Onyx Honey Honey light was used to complete Arabic Room, decoration for doors and tables.

Notably, Stautario Golden, white marble with golden veins, was also used. The choice of the marble was a perfect one as the golden veins helped to make the make-up room. Interestingly, marble was also used for the bathtubs. Finally, the pillar for the estate was mostly made of the Travetine Golden

Project Information:

  • Quantity/Size:

    +405.98 sqm

  • Project Owner:

    J G

  • Location:


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