Louis Vuitton Savior-Faire Jakarta Exhibition

Escape into Louis Vuitton's unparalleled savoir-faire and heritage through the immersive and dreamy space.

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Louis Vuitton recently opened their latest exhibition, Savior-Faire in Jakarta to showcase their collections from the Les Objects Nomades collection, Maison’strunks, and Exotic leather collection. MM Galleri was honored to participate in the exhibition by working with Designer Kezia Karin to create two amazing installations. Designer Kezia Karin Studio is known for their high-end interior concept and is no stranger to MM Galleri as both companies had partnered up to complete the luxurious Grha Corpus Office project. Hence, the chemistry between the interior designers from Kezia Karin Studio and MM Galleri is perfected.

MM Galleri displays the first installation works in the form of walls and floors with the innovations of Bent Marble Wall (curved marble walls) and Modular Flooring (modular floors) with a thickness of 8 mm, as well as Noir Sahara material.

The second installation work is the Coffee Table that complements the room aesthetically. The Coffee Table uses curved marble innovation on the table legs with Nero Marquina, Staturio Premium, and Peter Breccia materials.

Overall, the marbles are able to showcase and elevate the aesthetic of luxury and modern contemporary of the spaces. The interior designer from Kezia Karin Studio has performed a phenomenal job in successfully implementing the materials into the design concept perfectly.

Project Information:

  • Interior Designers:

    Kezia Karin Studio


    Jakarta, Indonesia

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