Maloekoe Yacht

MM Galleri, the Stone Specialist, showcases innovative design to the natural beauty of marble using various cutting-edge techniques such as bending marble.

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Maloekoe Yacht is a privately owned yacht assembled in Indonesia. The private yacht was built in and is a 28.65 m Motor Yacht. It could accommodate up to 8 guests, with 4 crew members. 

As a private yacht, it has various amenities for both guests and owners to enjoy including a dedicated bathroom, kitchen, and bar counter for eating. The yacht later was renovated and MM Galleri was contacted to supply better materials. 

The basin counter was furnished with Fior De Pesco marble for a more luxurious touch. For the kitchen bar counter, Golden Fantastico marble was chosen. The marble pops and provides a more luxurious feel to the counter. This helped to enhance the dining experience in the private yacht for the owner and guests.

Project Information:

  • Built by:

    Indonesia Marina Shipyard Ltd.

  • Quantity/Size:

    ± 6.775 sqm

  • Build Location:

    Amak Khasim III, Sidorukun, Gresik, East Java 61112

The stones used in this project:
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