Matallicus Modern Kitchen

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Creating a modern luxury kitchen could be difficult as the key is to balance the two elements. Hence, one of the ways is to introduce high-quality material into the space in a subtle way to create depth and texture to the kitchen. The Matallicus Modern Kitchen concept is drawn up from attempting to incorporate the luxurious Serpegiante Zeta marble into the modern design of the kitchen.

The marble is used to design the kitchen counter bar that allows guests and family members to sit. The beige color of the marble works well as the centerpiece of the kitchen. The veins and color bring a smooth texture to the table that looks lavish. The contrast of the light counter bar and the darker color of other furniture helps to create the depth and personality that the room is aiming for.

Project Information:

  • Designed by:

    MM Galleri

  • Materials:

    Matallicus Anti Finished, Serpegiante Zetta

  • Theme:

    Urban Modern

The stones used in this project: