Monopole Graha Famili

MM Galleri, the Stone Specialist, showcases innovative design to the natural beauty of marble using various cutting-edge techniques such as bending marble.

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Monopole Graha Famili is the second branch of Monopole Cafe, locating in Surabaya City and measured up to ± 43.79 sqm. Monopole Cafe is a well-known cafe in Indonesia with two outlets currently operating. The second out Monopole Graha Famili became a hit in the area after its opening in Surabaya and become one of the most popular coffee shops in the area.

The design of the coffee shop is all about providing a cozy ambiance for the patrons. Hence, elements such as dim lighting and dark tones color for the interior are essential. Besides that, the coffee shop had outdoor seating that embodied the natural aspect of the surroundings. All of that aims to provide a comfortable area for visitors to have a great coffee session.

Upon reaching, the visitor could see the architectural design of the coffee shop to be contemporary. As they proceed through the stony path, visitors could see the outdoor seatings areas. Interestingly, the shop opts for MM Galleri’s Andesite Stool and Andesite Coffee Table, a natural stone coffee table sets that resemble the huge rocks.

The interior of the shop is furnished with various MM Galleri’s natural stones. To fit into a cozy ambiance, the floor is furnished with Emperador Grey marble and the countertop was furnished with Flower Black marble. The shop avoid strong lighting hence, to create a cozier ambiance, thin square pieces of Onyx BW were decorated for the wall. Due to its thinness, the shop was able to play with the lighting. The orange color of the Onyx BW diffused the light into a warm light color that helped patrons to feel comfort while enjoying their coffee.

Project Information:

  • Quantity/Size:

    ± 43.79 sqm

  • Furniture:

    Andesite Stool

    Andesite Coffee Table

  • Owned by:

    Monopole Coffee Lab

  • Location:

    Jl Boulevard Famili Utara Block O, Babatan, Wiyung, Surabaya City, East Java 60227