Rustic Modern Kitchen

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Modern Kitchen is often designed and used in many home designs. This might make the design theme boring. However, you always can spice up your kitchen by adding different materials to create the eye-catching aspect of the kitchen.

Our rendered concept is designed with two tones of marble counter. The marble countertop is made of Adana Grigio and Caravaggio. That contrast between two marble will stand out nicely every time you or your guest visit the kitchen. To match the overall wooden & modern aesthetic, Silver Travertine is used for the floorings. Carrara White is used for the backsplash and Bianco Assoluto in Lux finish for the countertop.

Project Information:

  • Designed By:

    MM Galleri

  • Materials:

    Carrara White, Bianco Assoluto (Lux Finish), Carayaggio, Silver Travertine, Adana Grigio

  • Theme:

    Rustic & Modern

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