Tatler Design Award Trophy 2020

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The trophy is a part of the Tatler Design Award 2020 to honor the outstanding architect and designers in the industry. In collaboration with Singapore studio, Fraction, Fraction designer Nicholas Chew and Celine Ng worked closely with stone specialist MM Galleri to create the trophy that represents the accomplishment of the honourees for the Tatler Design Awards 2020.

MM Galleri is a pioneer in natural stones innovation. Using their bended marble technology, the possibility of great creativity for the trophy is endless. The chosen material for the trophy was Ivory Flower Onyx by Fraction’s designers. Its translucency and dense property allowed backlighting to be used, which opened up to many more lighting options for the trophy. In addition, the ivory rose also signifies the qualities of elegance and grace, elements that are captured in the alternating cream and honey-colored bands that were formed naturally on each unique slab of onyx.

When come to the design of the trophy, Celine Ng took inspiration from the athletic form of a champion swimmer and a flower bud that’s poised to blossom. The trophy also functions as a lamplight. The luminescent design draws attention to the sinuous stripes on the onyx, which give each trophy its unique look depending on the placement of the veins on the veneer.

The trophy is the presentation of a collaborative effort and admiration from both MM Galleri and Fractions to the architect and designers in the industry.

Project Information:

  • Designers: Celine Ng & Nicholas Chew, Fraction Studio

  • Events: Tatler Design Award 2020

  • Country: Singapore

The stones used in this project: