Tatler Design Award Trophy 2021

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A collaborative work between MM Galleri and Studio Norm designer, David Tham to create a unique piece of art for the Tatler Design Award Trophy 2021 to commemorate the achievement of architects and designers in the industry.

Studio Norm designer, David Tham’s design concept came from the ancient Japanese art folding, Origami. As he had a chance to discover the proprietary marble-bending technique of Indonesian stone fabricator MM Galleri, he and his team created paper models to understand and experiment with the possible shapes they could create.

Two different materials were used, later on, Bubble Black marble for the Black version and Onyx Blue for the Blue version. The translucence of the material allowed the light to pass through which gave its versatility for designers to play around. The trophy is made up of three 2mm thin pieces of materials joined together. The resin acts as a binding agent as well as a means to highlight the curvature of the bent marble. This gave the trophy its translucency which allowed the use of light show to create a unique experience.

The trophy became a huge success. It was not only highlighted the intrigued design concept from the designer but also the beautiful material and showcased MM Galleri special bended marble technology.

Project Information:

  • Designers:

    David Tham, Founder of Studio Norm

  • Event:

    Tatler Design Award 2021

  • Country:


The stones used in this project: