The Crown Jewellery Showroom

MM Galleri, the Stone Specialist, showcases innovative design to the natural beauty of marble using various cutting-edge techniques such as bending marble.

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The Crown Jewellery Showroom is one of the jewelry shops in Surabaya that offers luxurious jewelry such as diamond rings, watches, and other accessories. The high-end jewelry shop is owned by Istana Diamond Jewellery Group and is located in Pakuwon Mall, which measures around ± 195.48 sqm. 

The design for the jewelry shop is modern luxurious with a pop of the colour pink. To create a definite contrast between the golden linings on the walls and counter, MM Galleri recommended Sandra Grey marble for the walls and the floors. The marble was the perfect choice as the subtle dark grey colour acts as a background for everything else and allows the colour of other elements to pop such as the pink leather chair that complements the marble and brings the aesthetic to life. Even so, the marble maintains a luxurious feel to the shop with a smooth and shiny finish.

Project Information:

  • Quantity/Size:

    ± 195.48 sqm

  • Owned by:

    Istana Diamond Jewellery Group

  • Location:

    Pakuwon Mall Ground Floor, Jl Mayjen Yono Suwoyo No. 2, Surabaya City, East Java 60227

The stones used in this project:
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