Patented Bended Marble Technology

There are three limiting characters of stone: Heavy, Fragile, and Rigid. To counter stone rigidity, we come up with a solution to bend the stone and make it flexible. This method allow us to apply the stone surface to more fields in interior design. We achieve the same curve with less waste compared to traditional method of carving the stone.

Why Bended Marble?



Enable Organic Shape



Slim Innovation

One of the main inconvenient factor associated with the use of natural stone is its heavy weight. On top of it, general natural stone marble thickness are set in centimetres. These factor combined result in obstacle in design appliances. Seeing that as a challenge, we engineered the first 8 mm panel in the market. Our 8 mm panels are extremely lightweight and can guarantee a high performance due to its composite lamination technology.

Why Choose Thin Panel?


Large Format Sizes


8 MM Natural Marble Skin

Why Rattan?

Popular Furniture Materials with Many Reasons

Comes from nature, rattan produces flexible woody stem that are extensively used for making sturdy furniture. Rattan accepts paints like many other kinds of wood, so it is available in many color. Its flexible characteristic makes rattan can be worked into wide variety of shapes. Processed rattan furniture can endure all weather. On top of being waterproof, resin wicker furniture is also resistant to UV rays. Composed of a naturally tough wood vine makes it light weight, but durable. To clean use small brush to net to the nooks and crannies, then wipe with soft washcloth and soap to clean as needed.

Benefits of Rattan

Weather Proof

Light and Durable


Easy to Maintain

Official Distributor Of Lapitec, Silestone And Dekton

We are the official distributor of Lapitec, Silestone, and Dekton in Southeast Asia and offer more than 50 different stones from Lapitec, Silestone, and Dekton. Engineered/Artificial Stones has developed and evolved into a substantial solution to many homeowners. With many perks such as being durable and easy to clean, this type of stone has gained massive popularity for modern home designers and owners.

Lapitec, Silestone, And Dekton become the three leading artificial stones brands in the world that produced the best quality of artificial stones. We are proud to be the partner that is trusted by the brands for the sale and promotion of innovative products that lead the change in how stones are used and applied in the industry.